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Driving its appeal is that everyone in the audience is involved and can be the star, and it’s a draw for musicians and music lovers who come for the chance to play and have their moment of fame. This is why people attend shows – To be entertained and hope to be a part of the magic!

The hosted Band Jam show captivates and absorbs the audience as performers (opt in), active judges, trivia question experts (event, venue, corporation, anything), posting live comments or photos to the big screens, and being randomly selected to compete in Band Jam Stage Games. Originally held at conferences, it is ideal for corporate events, special events, casino shows, cruise lines, etc.  It is the immersion and engagement into the show with lights, sound, and digital feedback that creates an entirely new way to entertain your audience. In fact, we are working with reality TV producers and feel that this will turn into a reality TV show soon.

This program can be implemented as a great team building or year-end / awards event and captures employee engagement including a data gathering tool for HR and management (feelings and wisdom from the crowd).  Or as wedding entertainment where the families and friends get together and learn about each other and the special guests (groom, bride, attendees). We even have built a special show for cruises and casino's which attracts people with a chance to play on stage for prizes and the whole audience also get's a shot at cruise/casino gifts - its a real blast!

Band Jam LLC works with your teams to make each event a success and we provide the ‘host’ (master of ceremonies), a customizable event script, setup and providing the software.  See our value-added services below...

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Why Hold Hosted Music Reality Game Show?

  • Interactive talent game show concept will bring your audience to their feet and you gain the digital wisdom of the crowd
  • Creates audience engagement to play, comment, and win prizes in addition to being entertained by live musical performances
  • Transform your guests into ‘Rock Star’ celebrities while giving them their "15 minutes of fame"
  • Aligns perfectly with the event or venue brand by utilizing the functions unique purpose to mine trivia questions – reinforcing your valuable corporate brand, event or distinguished guests.
  • Concept has continuing engagement for guests and can include video/audio distribution and mailing lists
  • Event planning and many details can be handled by Band Jam team who work closely with the event or venue team to make the show a success
    • Band & Musician selection (or assistance) and hosting of show management
    • Program is scripted and timed
    • Each show can be recorded and made available to the audience at end (DVD/CD)
  • Utilizes your event planning or venue employees to handle the show promotion, marketing, event planning, concert staff, and security or use ours
  • Attendees wishing to participate provide their permission to record and use likeness in the show (if applicable)
  • Great word of mouth and PR potential
  • Show has been proven at 6 venues around the US including: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, and San Francisco.
  • Professional band opens show with the host and the fun and games begin
  • Have a musically talented group, it's a great way to have fun and compete without knowing who's judging
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State Of Art S/W Elevates Experience

For today’s digitally savvy audiences, state of art technology allows them to use their personal devices (phones, tablets, etc.) to heighten their experience and involvement.

The latest customized software makes this program unique, low cost, compelling and more inclusive for audience members

  • Band Jam LLC has a entertainment exclusivity with MeetingPulse software for entertainment venues
  • MeetingPulse is in use today by some of the worlds largest brands (P&G, Verizon, Kelloggs), at over 1000 events, to monitor the ‘pulse’ of the audience while gathering quiz results, feelings (sentiment) and wisdom from the crowd (judging)
  • We have customized the software to support live entertainment like judging of musicians in five areas (guitarists, bassists, percussionists, keyboardists, vocalists, and others) and in three different measures (musicianship, showmanship, song difficulty)
  • The audience votes and the data is displayed in real time on the big screens
  • When quizzing the audience, the real time displays show the results as they come in
  • We can amaze the audience with technology during and after the show - the trivia is yours to choose, musicians scoring in real-time, stage games, word clouds of messages sent, and screen visualizations and photo's keep everyone mesmerized
  • During music breaks, we tell jokes, play trivia games for prizes, select instant winners to play stage games, and the audience screen messages are built into word clouds - which amaze attendees while waiting for the musician's break to end!
  • We provide post-production reports on the conference so that you know your audience and you keep your data
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Band Jam is Where Reality Rocks™

Audience members are selected to come up on stage to “Jam” or play with a professional band (“contestants”), in varying formats

    • Large display screens instruct audience to join the site once they are settled in using their mobile number (we can include player account numbers or employee ids but this is not required).
    • The audience is now engaged and participates (using mobile devices connected to web browser) in winning prizes, answering trivia and judging contestants
    • Musicians can be randomly selected to play one song with band – contestants could either audition in advance or be randomly selected from the audience
    • Real time scoring will show audience feedback and there will be a leaderboard display of contestants on a big screen
    • Musicians can use our professional instruments or bring their own
  • Audience participates through the entire show in answering music or event/brand trivia questions, and in “Band Jam Stage Games” to win prizes.
  • Anyone in the audience can be randomly selected to win a prize (their mobile device lights up with a message that they are an instant winner!) and they get a visit from the “Band Jam Prize Patrol” - it pays to register your mobile device during the show
  • Audience members send their real-time thoughts (‘tweets’) and photos to a running message board. Messaging by audience creates an inclusive, energized environment - being further engaged and enveloped in the show and the scrolling messages. The audience has a voice and uses it – what songs do they want to hear, who they like, ...  We even show word clouds of the messages to the audiences amazement.
  • Finally, we collect information about all attendees responses – we collect data for the event and data science with customer 360o view
    • We learn what they are commenting on, where their interests lie, find out what music, songs and genres they like - all valuable information
    • We can mine their messages for likes and dislikes and ask them poll questions
    • We respect privacy and all audience members can be anonymous
Front Image 2.1
Trivia / Quiz Mobile Screen & Corresponding Real-Time Big Screen Display
MeetingPulse Rock Star Trivia Winner Display Screen - iPhone or Android

Services We Provide Our Customers

  – Event Planning & Management                 – Interactive Digital Program Management
  - Talent Booking                              – Security & Safety
  – Venue Selection & Site Build                – Event Planning & Execution
  – Stage, Sound & Lighting                     – Vendor Sourcing & Management
  – Film & Television Production                – Merchandising & Concessions
  - DVD & CD Distribution                       – Creative Services
  - Operations & Logistics                      – Public Relations & Publicity
  – Equipment Rentals                           – Permits & Insurance
  – Budget Planning & Oversight                 – Children’s Programming

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