What happens when a child is blocked from seeing their other parent should be a crime in New Jersey (as it is in Connecticut). IT IS A FORM OF CHILD ABUSE !

The Organization to Prevent CHILD parenting time blockage (#TOPCHILD) - let's make this viral!

We are trying to get the New Jersey Legislature to adopt a law that would impose immediate penalties after THREE (3) consecutive (or non-consecutive) blockages of parenting time on a child of joint or other custody arrangements to automatically stop any child support payments, submit a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment, and immediately require the Child Protective Services to get involved with the matter to determine if said child support payments should resume and when.

A Bi-Partisan Bill should be written so that once reported to Child Protective Services, New Jersey Police Department, or the New Jersey Family Courts in the State of New Jersey, there will be immediate action taken to determine the cause. If the cause is in bad faith (not receiving child support, or any other reason), the parent of custody will have the Police remove the child and turn over to the parent of non-custody until an evaluation of the mental state of the custodial parent is assessed.

If blockages persist beyond FOUR (4) in one calendar year, this will automatically cause arrest of the blocking parent and a felony child endangerment charge levied against the blocking parent and temporary custody given to the non-blocking parent until a New Jersey Child Protective Services parenting fitness evaluation is completed.

Sure this is asking a lot of our law makers, to protect our children, but I have been blocked for FIVE (5) YEARS from parental visitation.

Here Is One True Story Being Brought Before The Appellate Division Today!

The blocking custodial parent used the police department on numerous occasions to stop the pickup of a child at the court appointed date and time for visitation and is even quoted on a police record as stating:

"Ex-husband is threatening to take his son away from his mother". You can't make this stuff up! See a true copy of the Wayne Police Report below:


If you live in a different state, fight for your children in your state!

I have brought the non-custodial parent in front of NINE (9) different judges, each giving a slap on the wrist.  It is outragous that a parent can be blocked for over FIVE (5) YEARS!  Recently, I filed a criminal complaint (NJ Statue: 2C:13-4A - Leaving the state of NJ with a child during visitation period) and the Passaic County Prosector (Nina Surich) accepted the case as the evidence was overwhelming (muliple police reports of the parent not being home, NJ State Police APB on vehicle not found in the State of NJ, witnesses, etc.). She offered a plea bargain but the parent declined to accept.  You see the Passaic County Criminal system is overloaded and the case would not get heard for at least 3 years (the child at that point would be over 18 yo).  So the prosecutor sent the case to the municipal court (Wayne, NJ).  The local prosecutor decided he would not prosecute a Wayne parent and said "take this to family court!"  This was a CRIMINAL MATTER but the criminal code could be overlooked by a prosecutor - the Wayne prosecutor protects his residents (even criminals)!

This is why a law is needed - the custodial parent's know they will only get a slap on the wrist by the family courts, the police can't do a thing, the child protective services (if you want to call them that) only get involved if the child is being endangered (drug use, poor living conditions) but cares nothing about parental visitation rights. WE NEED A LAW SO THAT PARENT'S GET THIER RIGHT TO SPEND TIME WITH THIER CHILD - This is an inalienable right I believe.

So their is transparency, I was unable to pay child support (due to being unemployed) so this was the 'reason' for blocking parental visitation.

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Please help and get involved so this does not happen to another non-custodial parent. You can find your New Jersey State Legislator at: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/abcroster.asp

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