Comments From Past Show Participants…

Friends, if you have attended a previous Band Jam, please leave your comments here, upload your photos, etc. Thanks for all the memories - Band Jam Host...

4 thoughts on “Comments From Past Show Participants…”

  1. I attended Band Jam in San Diego and it was a blast. I got a chance to come up and play with the “Give Me Back My Wig” professional band and it was so cool. I have to say this is one of the best ways a musician can get up on a stage and jam! Please let me know when there are other events!

    1. Jim,
      Glad you could be a part of the experience – Give Me Back My Wig (Glen Maiden’s Band) was phenomenal and he still remains a friend and follower to this day. He has offered their band to back-up the Band Jam in Southern California area, any takers?

  2. I was a speaker at the DAMA conferences where Band Jam had its debut (2009) and its return in 2010. As a former choral performer I was asked to join the Jam, and it was one of the highlights of my singing career. In addition, the audience loved the format, the musicians enjoyed the event and were so professionally managed by the Band Jam team, and the experience can only be described as wonderful.

    1. It was great that you were a part of the history of Band Jam and you got to see the performance of Reese Thomas (guitarist from Lynyrd Skynyrd) at the event. Thanks for the kind words,
      Band Jam Host

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