Where Reality Rocks® ‘Jams’ The FL Strawberry Fest

Where Reality Rocks® Production "Jams" At The FL Strawberry Fest

Strawberry Fest Stage During Break

The Florida Strawberry Festival was a two-day affair and the Where Reality Rocks® Production was on the main stage and premier show of the event.  We had a number of bands, solo acts, and even cloggers perform on the grand stage and real-time voting, texting and messaging, photos, trivia questions (about strawberries of course), and even hourly giveaways. Many at the event commented on how great the show was and have already signed up for parties and even a wedding.  Above is a photo of the stage during intermission - you can see the real-time displays of trivia question answers along with voting results from a previous performer. We used our computerized light show to dazzle the audience along with the 2000 watt music system - yes, it was said 'we jammed the strawberries'. When the show is interactive, that's... Where The Audience Is The Star®

How the audience liked the cloggers who showed up to be judged...

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