Enterprise Data World Conference 2014

EDW 2014

EDW 2012 was held at the Grand Ballroom inside the Renaissance Austin Hotel & Convention Center just outside of Austin, Texas on April 28th, 2014.

Unfortunately, all pictures of this event were lost but we had hired two different rock bands to join into a single jam session that was absolutely amazing.  Everyone who attended could not believe that this was not a single band but actually two different groups, both professional recording artists - this actually happened as a mixup in scheduling when both were booked for the same event.  It turned out to be the most amazing experience that anyone who had attended previously could compare it to.  Comments included: "Wow, the way every musician switches between instruments is amazing - how do they do that", "Every musician keeps jumping in and it's making for a very exciting show" and finally "I can't believe that this is not one professional band but two - this is unbelievable!".  The audience, like the band members, got to switch in and out on stage and it was really a "night to remember" (I can't help myself when it comes to quoting lyrics)!

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