We have built an exciting entertainment show that utilizes software and a host to run a game show, quiz show, talent show and even all three at once and is ideal for family entertainment!

We started off at major data conferences (high percentage of musicians) as a talent and game show. It was a fun entertainment experience with professional bands and allowing the audience to come up and play – and get rated by the audience.  It grew when we added the quiz/game show and group sharing of texts, pictures – the audience became captivated in participating in the show.

Casino-like excitement resulted from using the software to give/raffle away prizes (randomly give away or to those answering questions correctly) made it even more engaging as audience members excitedly were selected through their mobile device to come up on stage to play stage games (pick the guitar case, spin the drumstick).  We next added emotion tracking and AI/ML, and now new powerful reporting features…

We can align the show messaging/games to reinforce the corporate brand, special event theme, etc. – all while gathering valuable audience insights.  Our software is in use by major corporations to run meetings (Verizon, Microsoft, Liberty Mutual, SAP and many others).

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you this exciting family friendly show – in person.   So, WE ARE GIVING AWAY A FREE SHOW TO THE FIRST RESPONDER TO THIS OFFER!

This is why we are known for the most amazing new entertainment show – Where the Audience is the Star™

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