St. John – Gantt Wedding

The Where Reality Rocks™ Show travelled to Florida for the wedding of the century held at the St. John Estate in Perry, Florida. Sarah and Brett held their ceremonies outside under a tree decorated for the event and then the show went on – and what a dazzling 4D performance it was (Lights, Sound, Music, and Touch Connections). The audience connected with their mobile devices and felt connected to the show. We displayed on the big screens over 150 slides of photos of Sarah, Brett, Family, Children, Dating and Engagement during dinner. This was followed by a digital trivia game where the families got to see who knew the most about the couples. Finally, family and friends danced the night away under the stars with the big screens and custom light show prepared to match the wedding theme. Everyone had a blast and all on-line participates rated the show a PERFECT 10! The couple received a post-wedding Where Reality Rocks™ Report that gave them dozens of photos from the guests perspective along with personal messages of well-wishes from invited attendees.

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