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Enhance Your Event With An Interactive Real Time Experience!
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Next Level Private Events
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We Rock Your Corporate Events!

The Where Reality Rocks® show is an interactive, multi-media production Ideal for your corporate events. Great for Team Building, Virtual Trade Shows, Business Meetings and more.

We engage your attendees in riveting entertainment - Where The Audience Is The Star®

  • Our leading edge technology gets everyone participating
  • We dazzle the audience with real-time displays of information and visualizations
  • Our proprietary software makes the entertainment unique and compelling
  • Inclusive for all types of attendees

Entirely new way to captivate, educate, entertain, while understanding your attendees

  • Any mobile device connects to, and into the show using a browser (no application needed)
  • You understand the feelings “pulse”, and learn the “wisdom from the crowd”
  • We capture and provide all the digital show interactions in a post-show report
  • You get all the data including comments, questions, trivia answers

Everyone at the event is involved and can contribute (even those remotely)

  • Posting live comments and sharing real-time photos on big screen displays
  • Answering trivia, judging contests, submitting questions, …
  • People who cannot attend can feel as if they are a part, don’t limit your event attendance
  • Make it a global event at no added cost

Raffling of prizes support promotions of your brand

  • Raffle away branded promo items
  • Trophies are awarded to participants who win (trivia, talent, anything)

Everything about your event is online – pre and post event (up to 364 days after event)

  • You can upload any type of file for attendee consumption
  • Calendar of activities
  • Invitations, Fliers
  • Event and venue description
  • Vendor descriptions, brochures, and booth locator (for Trade Shows)
  • We provide dedicated event planning professionals, or we work with yours
  • We provide a DJ or a Band (your choice) and you won’t need a Photographer
  • Your attendee’s will upload plenty of photo’s

Corporate Events (Sales, HR Meetings, etc.)

  • Great for team building
  • Rooting for contestants from their departments
  • On-stage as well as trivia competitions
  • Ideal for Corporate announcements and HR events
  • Get real-time feedback from your employees about their feelings (even anonymously)
  • Employees can ask questions of management and HR can select those questions to answer