Interactive TV

We originally designed a special show for casino venues as a great way to entertain their guests and in turn give away branded and cash prizes to their valued cardholders.  We next approached a nationwide entertainment company in NYC about the concept of making this a Reality TV show and using the software for the viewing audience to vote on the live audience contestants.  Today, in India, they have a similar show to the "Voice" and the contestants are judged by the viewing audience - it's a huge hit!  Just think if the viewing audience could participate in the live TV show - what a concept.  If you are into reality TV, this would take it to a whole new level!

Reality Show Script

We took the time to build a TV show script that included how we could handle the live TV delay and using the software and we found the answer.  Allow the voting to continue during the show but near the end, the last vote made by the audience member would be the vote that counts - in other words, as the show progressed, the audience changes their mind and near the end we ask them to rank all the contestants and then send their votes in.  So we got the best of both worlds - real time scoring during the show and then the final votes that would give us the winners!

TV Web Portal

Our software was designed for millions of users and is cloud based and highly scalable.  Imagine the TV audience, in real time, sending in thoughts, images and participating as if they were a member of the live studio audience.  Home audience participants could even have a chance to win prizes - making it more engaging to the viewers.   We utilize 'geofencing' to direct clients in-studio vs remote audiences to different websites (allowing us to select the audience in studio to participate on stage) and can even display separate results showing the differences between scoring. Call us today to discuss how we can work together to make this a REALITY!

Produce The Reality Show Today

Reach out to our team, we would love to give you an idea of how the reality TV show would flow, and how the software feedback is going to revolutionize reality TV forever!  Know your audience - we can and will...